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Our promise

100 % made in Germany

Our products are totally and 100% made in our facility in Witten - Germany. In-house made steel castings, high quality forgings and spare parts, purchased by german suppliers, guarantee a maximum of quality and reliability.

Crane wheels with roller bearings

Crane wheels (one-piece) with roller bearings - driven

BIS 2079

Einteiliges Kranlaufrad mit Wälzlager - angetrieben

Our driven crane wheels with toller bearings according to BIS 2079 correspond to highest quality standards. We are OEM and spare part supplier for leading crane manufacturers world wide. The wheels are available as cast or forged design. Define the main parameters using our BIS catalogues and have direct influence on the products quality.

Click the PDF Button to open the BIS 2079.

Crane wheels (one-piece) with roller bearings - non driven

Einteiliges Kranlaufrad mit Wälzlager - mitlaufend

Consistent with the driven crane wheels of BIS 2079, this standard contains the correspondind non-driven version without cams and gear rims. There you can find all corresponding variations with material preselection, painting system and corrosion protection.

Click the PDF Button to open the BIS 2078.